Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Paper Craft.....

So for the purpose of this paper (no pun intended) and blog I have chosen paper craft as the activity that I will be focusing on.
Firstly I would like everyone to know that I have a box of paper! Not just any old box of paper mind you but tissue paper, off cuts, wrapping paper, sparkly paper, thin paper, thick paper, coloured paper, patterned paper…. The list could go on so I will stop here as you probably get the message.
My fascination with paper started as a youngster when my mother worked in a printing and stationery shop. Twice a week I would go in after school and the men working the printers and guillotine out the back would save me the off cuts. I did everything with these bits of beautiful paper that they saved for me from making cards, cutting out shapes and making fans.

To help with the activity of paper craft it is a great idea to pick the type of paper you want to use for a task before you start and if you need glue, scissors, glitter or canvas etc to complete your desired goal.  The only thing that I believe will hinder your ability to do this mindfully is your imagination! 

This is an activity that can be done whenever you want! I prefer to do it at night before I got to bed usually so I don’t have to wait if the end product needs to dry or whatever…  but a word of warning: this activity is best suited indoors otherwise you will be chasing your paper down the road.

Another thing to be aware of is mindfulness and how doing this or not doing this can affect the outcome of the activity. Mindfulness is about focusing on the here and now.  So when I do paper craft I engage in it mindfully which leads me to acquire the desired outcome along with a sense of fulfilment.

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